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Our House Of Scandalous Dreams



Our house of scandalous dreams

This lair of love

This labyrinth of desire

This theatre of erotic constellations

With a stairway of mad love and limitless passion

With porous windows

Which look in on secret encounters

An architecture of delirium

With a roof of glass

And ghostly remnants of sensual pleasures

Incomprehensible signs and objects cling to the walls

Which foretell of more splendid times to come

Doors of provocation

Behind which my woman adjusts her stocking in the shadows

Transparent rooms which really have no reason for existing

Other than as sites of the marvellous

Of spectacles unfixed and fluid

With invisible walls

And the space from floor to ceiling

Crammed with our luminous chronicle of subversive moments

A psychogeography of disorientation and new mythologies

A place of magical connections

Between things and other things

People and other people

And people and things

Where only the predictable is forbidden

A laboratory of love

Where mannequins from the rue surréaliste wander

Of life renewed and reconfigured

Of new memories and infinite reverie

A site of chaotic play and endless games

And being kissed all over



30 April 2011

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