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Mrs X



Mrs X

You do not have to try to seduce me

As I am already completely yours

I believe in the great meta-narrative of our Love

You cause an unrelenting current of Desire

To electrify my body and spark my imagination

You seduce me each and every day

Like a swallow in flight

Like a fish in flames

Like the night stars which make up your profile

Like Maria Callas’ voice frozen for eternity in an icicle

Like tumbling dice falling from the hand of a passing priest

Like water cascading down a lone petrified pine tree in a city square

Like the erotic blue eyed sun girl in the lizard white heat of El Cottillo

Like the glimpse of a black lace stocking top against a white thigh

Like the murmur of a 1,000 tongues in a secluded wood who speak of our Love

Like the crash of a great wave in a delicate china cup

Like the flash of lightning which cannot be seen

Like the black nightingale sitting on your shoulder

Like the footprints left by your shadow on a moonlit night

Like the exquisite colours of Rimbaud’s Vowels

Like poetry written in the mist on a windowpane

Like the dream of forbidden Love made real

Like asking you to marry me through the lines of a poem written for lovers’ day



February 2003

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