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Algulha Revista de Cultura Icon
Agulha Revista de Cultura

An essential Brazilian star in the international surrealist constellation….

Anarchist Communist Group.png
Anarchist Communist Group

The ACG ‘strive to base all our current actions on the principles that will be the basis of the future society: mutual aid, solidarity, collective responsibility, individual freedom and autonomy, free association and federalism’. 

Anti⭐️Capitalist Resistance

As the Comrades say, ‘Fighting disaster capitalism with ecosocialism’…

Banana Meinhoff weblink
Banana Meinhoff

In their words, 'unconventional, quirky, fun and revolutionary' - Dada in Wales!

Doug Campbell - Cabinet of Major
Doug Campbell - The Cabinet of Major Weir

My good friend and collaborator, Doug Campbell, who never fails to produce works that enchant.

Merl Fluin - Gorgon in Furs.png
Gorgon in Furs - Merl Fluin

The site of Merl Fluin - Surrealist, Occultist & Gorgon in Furs.

Guy Ducornet weblink
Guy Ducornet

With Guy Ducornet's work, in whatever form, one can be certain that, 'the red and black banners of Surrealism have never stopped fluttering'.

Infosurr weblink

An essential journal with, '(a) network of international correspondents (which) will collect data on all Surrealist events: visual arts, literature, criticism, the media, politics, polemics, daily life, etc...'.

John Welson Weblink
John Welson

Michel Remy, in his 'Surrealism in Britain', writes that John Welson 'materialises desire & fluidifies matter'. John is my good friend, comrade & collaborator.

Kenneth Cox weblink
Kenneth Cox

Kenneth Cox is one of the founding members of Leeds Surrealist Group, editor of Phosphor and one of the directors of Surrealist Editions.

La banda de Fantomas

La banda de Fantomas, the new site from our friend Miguel Corrales, takes over from his Surrealismo Internacional to provide a more open and personal space, although, one where surrealism has a key presence in it.

La Sirena.jpg
La Sirena

Convulsive Surrealist research which is ‘connected to a much wider political, philosophical & ultimately revolutionary programme’ (from the LSSG Manifesto Statement).  Darren Thomas, a founder member of the La Sirena Surrealist Group, is a contributor to Once Upon A Tomorrow/Un Tro Yfory.

Leeds Surrealist Group weblink
Leeds Surrealist Group

Leeds Surrealist Group was founded in March 1994 and has published the newsletters/journals Manticore/Surrealist Communication, Phosphor/A Surrealist Luminescence, Prehensile Tail, and has its own imprint Surrealist Editions.

Les Minutes Des Lumbo weblink
Les Minutes De Lumbo / Soapbox

Publishers of Soapbox: Une soapbox set une caisse à savon qui fait office d'estrade sur laquelle on se place pour faire un discours, haranguer la foule ou pour clamer la poésie.

Lib Com.png

‘The name libcom is an abbreviation of "libertarian communism", the political idea we identify with’.  Enough said!

melin drafod.png
Melin Drafod

A think tank looking at the path to a progressive and independent Wales.

Dark Windows Press weblink
Neil Coombs / Dark Windows Press

Dr Neil Coombs is an artist, writer & lecturer currently based in North Wales. Amongst other things, he runs Dark Windows Press and edits Patricide.

9 2021 0213 Nelly Sanchez.png
Nelly Sanchez

Nelly is a frequent collaborator with myself and John Welson.  Her work never fails to enchant and inspire me!

Peculiar Mormyrid weblink
Peculiar Mormyrid

From the website of my good friends: 'We are surrealists. Both elephant and fish: against the established order, our aim is the revolutionary and poetic reclassification of life itself'.

Poundhammer Weblink

Paul Cowdell's Poundhammer site: 'There is still a great lot of work and research to be done before the day when we will cross the narrow straits on a great crusade with ceaseless destruction...'.

Surrealerpool Collage of Alchymical, Flâneurial and ‘Pataphysical Studies

Thee digitally peripatetic manifestation of Alchymie, Flâneurie and Pataphyzick Studies for Surrealerpool and environs.  Membership by invitation, coercion and accident only.  Hawkers, Traders and Carlists not welcome except by exception.

Surrealismo Internacional weblink
Surrealismo Internacional

The home of the important Surrealismo Internacional journal.

Splits & Fusions

An archive of British Trotskyist publications run by surrealist Rob Marsden

The Space That Remains - Stuart
The Space That Remains - Stuart Inman

Stuart Inman’s Blog is always interesting, an invitation to fellow surrealists to post ideas, practices, references, on community, collective action, utopian thought, experiments in intersubjectivity, reflections on the concept of a "surrealist civilisation”...

11 Surrealist NYC.png
Surrealist NYC

Our friend Paul McGrandle’s Surrealist NYC is without doubt a key English language site for information and news about contemporary surrealism 


"Undod" means "unity" or "solidarity" in Welsh. Undod are a democratic, socialist republican movement established to secure independence for Wales. 

8 Upland Trout.png
Upland Trout

Revelatory work from Jay at Upland Trout


Weaponised Poetry.png
Weaponised Poetry

With rants and declamations from our friend Rob Marsden!

Yes Cymru
A movement dedicated to the goal of an independent Wales.
Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 09.57.16.png
Rust of Dreams

Surrealism and Revolution in Bristol!

TT Image for Link.png
Tracy Thursfield
Influenced by myth, magic, symbolism and all things contrary, Tracy is a surrealist painter in the lineage of Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Ithell Colquhoun.  She is a good friend who introduced herself to me in a local garden centre! 
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