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Our Love Is Always Equal To Or Greater Than



Our love is always equal to or greater than


The shadow of a furled umbrella

A shoal of translucent fish

Speaking in ancient tongues

Brittle clouds which acknowledge each other

As they pass in a cracked sky of extraordinary illusions

A ripe bougainvillea

Carried on a sparrow’s shell encrusted wing

A porcelain neck

Slender as a scandalous votive offering


On the other hand

Our desire is always equal to or less than

The exquisite hesitation of the initiated

About to step through the mirror

A set of glass drawers which contain only more glass drawers

And the ceaseless chatter of countless Russian dolls

The feathered railway points

On a woman’s luminous thighs

The philosopher’s crystal bells

Which sound at the thirteenth stroke of midnight

The clamour of the chaste ones

Who seek entry to the forbidden tower of splendid times



13 March 2015

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