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Queen Of My Soul



Queen of my soul

The only one I continue to exalt

Erotic blue eyed sun girl

With museum eyes of all that has been and will be

Eyes of dice thrown at the uncertain sky

Of untamed horses claiming their obscure destiny

With naked visions of the jasmine night

With your mistletoe tongue of unhurried excess

And monsoon mouth of splendid times and forbidden memories

And wild angel lips the essence of an Argentine tango

Of the republic of sensual dreams

Of cubeb berries from Java

Of the iron spice trail

And elegant ears of Egyptian nummulities singing in the tear drops of space

And hair of Boudicca’s salsa dreams of mystery and romance

Of the shadows of phosphorous at midnight

With the golden valley between your china apple legs

The magnetic valley of nectar and lightning

Of the globe and sky on fire

Of the haunted forest and jewelled pomegranate seeds

The insanely dangerous vortex of the chimney blue hole

With a honey sun drenched Golden Fleece

Whose carousel breasts possess the beauty of the illusionist

And the inexhaustible passion of the harvest and hunter’s moons

Of a maypole bower atop a ring of moss

And the taste of the doubting saint’s offering

And rainbow thighs of Rapunzel’s lament

With a silver mesmeric  branch

And the cobalt calling card of anticipation

And copy cat baroque feet of tormented remembrance

With nails of lace conjured by the absent ones

Of fire and light and water

Of the cracked wind

Of delirious and incantatory Arapaho drums

And cheek bones of blue Monday and hope

Of crushed hazelnut and savage wonder

Of extraordinary chance encounters on busy city streets

With an alabaster back and prophet’s tattoo of broken embraces

And hands of sculptured willow fingers

Of newly spun silk probing the edge of chaos

And electrical flashes from thimble topped fingers

Naked fingers that caress with furtive sighs

Legs of those who play with fire

Who have secrets in their acrobat eyes

Legs of light sensitive glass sheathed in nylon

Open as the silvered window of time

And the star filled mouth of the hydra

And pagan knees of the psychedelic cosmos

Of Japanese taiko drumming and ritualistic burnings



Thighs that touch the void and assault the winter darkness

With the echoing crackle of static by the pylons

With the alchemy of trembling allusion

And the profound shock of erotic joy

With mysterious shoulders less ordinary to me than Gregorian chants at noon

Of smoke filled cabarets staged in abandoned priories



And buttocks of cerebral intimacy

Of masked crimson geraniums at play

Of ribbons of blood marbled dunes

And black gold windswept deserts

And the relentless pursuit of the unfathomable

With ice petals of the heart

With a heart of aqua crystal that doesn’t miss an ink blue step

Who carries my burnt heart in her heart

And with a nape of falling leaves and volcanic ash

Of harps that tumble and distract us with their trivial declarations

And translucent skin of utopian philosophy

Of scorched butterfly wings and passing diamond clouds

The cradle of scandalous desire with the unforgettable perfume of the frosted mirror

Which beckons from the opposing shore

From the unknown place of the other

And a voice of tigers teeth in the hurricane

Of the shading of the sun and the moon and the stars

Of the ivory black swan

Of the murmuring statues of Anhai and Melusina

Of cities now ruined and forgotten

Of slender threads which bind us to rusted ivy oceans

A voice which speaks to me of the diversions of pleasure

Of endless journeys into the labyrinth

Of our marvellous myth made real and everlasting

26 October - 4 November 2010

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