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I Remember The Times You Whispered To Me Of



I remember the times you whispered to me of

An invisible rainbow on a diamond spoon

A dream of wild thyme and caged lions

The transparent swallows who sang softly in Chinese verse

The pious burlesque dancer with a voice of embroidered coral

and eyes of burnished steel

A crystal pail of sea shell tears and golden petals

The giant wax fish who swim in clouds of jasmine

with their gills of precious stones

Lascivious lips that open at noon to reveal a mouthful of iridescent butterflies

The day the sun kept growing until it filled the watery sky

and only the porcelain moon could persuade it to return to its normal size

The stones with blue and green feathers that fell from a flaming sky into a forest of desire

The marble night when you tied your luminous hair with lightning and lace

Arranging your collection of dreams in order of colour and fragrance on your library shelf

The magnetic kisses and radiant stars you keep in your glass pockets

The hidden plazas of sublime shadows and the caterpillar snowflakes which slowly turn to ash

The mad love unforgettable marvels and outrageously splendid times which we would share



1-6 March 2015

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