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Publications & Journals

Some of the publications below are available for purchase.  For more information, please get in touch via the Contact Page.

2023 Collaborations

Janice Hathaway & John Richardson

Free PDF of images & text can be downloaded click here

2023 0707 - Cover - Proof Copy.jpeg

Surrealist Détournements

John Richardson & Ron Sakolsky

Published by Dark Windows Press, September 2023

Price £10 plus £3 P&P UK, £5 P&P EU, please enquire for P&P to other locations

10 2022 0307 A Notebook Lost & Found.jpeg

A Notebook Lost & Found

John Richardson

Published by Clyro Surreal Press, March 2022

Price: £2 including P&P

The Dialectical Phoenix

John Richardson and John Welson

Introduction by Michael Löwy

Published by Broken Sleep Books, February 2022

£7.50 from 

The Song of Cerberus.png

The Song of Cerberus

Collages and Poems by Nelly Sanchez, John Richardson and John Welson

Available as a PDF - click here to view and download, February 2021

Front Cover.png

From The Laboratory of Détournement

Published by Clyro Surreal Press, December 2020

Price: £10 + P&P

2019 03 Surrealism in Wales (in two mind
Surrealism in Wales (in Two Minds)

Published by Black Egg Publications, March 2019

Price: £23.95 + P&P

2019 02 On The Importance of Observation
On The Importance of Observation, Chance and Dialectics

Published by Clyro Surreal Press, February 2019

Price: £5 + P&P

2018 05 Street Scene.jpeg
Street Scene: A Surrealist Game for 5 Players

Published by Clyro Surreal Press, May 2018

Price: Out of Stock 

2017 04 - The Akasha Suite.jpg
The Akasha Suite I-XI

Self-Published, April 2017

Price: £5 + P&P

2017 03 Arcane 17.jpg
André Breton's Arcane 17 - A Lodestar for the 21st Century

Edited by Patrick Lepetit, John Richardson & John Welson

Published by Dark Windows Press, March 2017

Price: £10 + P&P

2014 08 - Alice, The Looking Glass Threw
Alice, The Looking Glass Threw

By John Richardson & John Welson

Published by Dark Windows Press, August 2014

Price: £10 + P&P

2009 - The Subversion of Morality.jpg
The Subversion of Morality

Further Explorations In Love, Lust & Desire

By John Richardson

Self-Published, 2009

Price: Out of Stock

Mad Love

Explorations in Desire

By John Richardson

Self-Published, 2005

Price: Out of Stock

My work is also included in the following publications:
JB - A Guideboook To Surrealism - Image 1.jpeg
A Guidebook to Surrealism
Jean Bonnin
Black Egg Publishing, December 2022
2022 01 Surrealist and Dada Poetry by Jean Bonnin.jpeg
Surrealist & Dadaist Poetry: An Anthology
Jean Bonnin, Published January 2022
A Surrealist Almanac - Cover.png
A Surrealist Almanac 2020
Collaborative international project co-ordinated by Tim White, Australia
December 2020
2020 12 Weaponised Poetry Presents.jpeg
Weaponised Poetry Presents: A compendium of images, texts, fragments and figments

Rob Marsden

Published December 2020

2020 1115 SiW-1.jpeg
Surrealism in Wales

Jean Bonnin

Published November 2020

2020 1031 Edinburgh As It Will Be! Cover
Edinburgh As It Will Be!
An exercise in collective Surrealist urban planning organised and published by Doug Campbell

Published October 2020

2020 1116 Vocatif 2.jpeg
Vocatif II
Aspects du Surréalisme International Aujourd'hui

Published 2020

2019 05-09 The Monk Jheronimus Bosch Art
The Monk - Is There A Monk In You?

Jheronimus Bosch Art Centre

The Netherlands, 2019

2018 03 Vies de Saint-Artaud - la verteb
Vies de Saint-Artaud - La Vertebre et le Rossignol

Published March 2018


2017 12 In Search of the Masterless Men
In Search of The Masterless Men of Newfoundland by Seaweed & Ron Sakolsky

Published by Ardent Press, 2017


2016 11 - Grimm Mail Art Catalogue.jpg
Grimm Mail Art

Städt Museen, Bad Oeynhausen

20 November 2016 - 27 January 2017


2016 09 Portugal.jpeg
In The Light of Glazed Castles

Museu Municipal Santos Rocha, Portugal

September 2016 - January 2017


2012 The Surrealist Cookbook Patricide 5
Patricide 6 - The Surrealist Cookbook

Edited by Neil Coombs

Published by Dark Windows Press, 2012


2012 Alpine Phantoms.jpg
Alpine Phantoms

On the Fantastic Lure Of The Mountains

Edited by Neil Coombs

Published by Dark Windows Press, 2012


2006 Two Heads, Leeds Surrealist Group.j
Two Heads

An Enquiry Into Two Stone Heads On Buslingthorpe Lane

Leeds Surrealist Group

Published 2006


2005 Revelacion Profana, Leeds Surrealis
Revelación Prófana/Profane Revelation

Leeds Surrealist Group

Funcación Eugenio Granell

Published 2005


Work has also been featured in various journals & websites including:
Alcheringa; Algulha Revista de Cultura; Anti⭐️Capitalist Resistance; in toto; Infosurr; Oystercatcher; 'Patastrophe; Peculiar Mormyrid & Vile Bird...
2019 0904 Algulha Revista de Cultura #14
2019 01 Alcheringa No.1.jpg
Peculiar Mormyrid 5 The Myth of Revolt J
2023 0428 Oystercatcher #20.png
2023 1030 Vile Bird #1.png
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